Black Millennials Do Attend Church


A consistent question raised by many church's is "how do we get more millennials to church?"  Black Millennials do attend church, just not on the level of their more seasoned brethren.   Several articles have been written to address this concern, with titles such as "10 Way's Your Church Can Reach Millenials, 7 Ways to Engage Millennials and Church, and 10 Ways Church's Don't Reach Millienials"  just to name a few. The list goes on and on.

A recent  article in Black Enterprise Magazine revealed that according the a new Pew Research Study that African American Millenials are more religious than their non-black peers, in the same age group.

Although  black millennial's don't attend church as much as, and are not as religious as older blacks, they are far more engaged when it comes to praying daily, attending service week to week, and their belief in God than other millennials.

The church, especially black churches want and should work tirelessly to engage our young people, it is how the church will survive and be a vital and important source religiously and socially in our community.   It is encouraging and good to know that black millennials want a spiritual foundation in their lives.

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